Toby’s Tumble Time Centre Overall

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Toby’s Tumble Time Centre Overall

A larger soft play set that stores compactly. Forms a large 3.6 metre x 3 metre soft play set with a 2.4m x 1.8m clear matted central area for other games and activities. The design incorporates some of our mats with graphics to help you add direction, fun and games into your play activities. Can be extended with extra mats and play pieces.

Includes: 18 pieces 2 x 600 Steps (300mm high x 600mm square), 2 x 600 Ramp-Slides (300mm high x 600mm square), 1 x 600 Platform, 1 x 600 Tunnel, 1 x 1.2m Balance Beam, 1 x 1.2m Long Slide (2 piece set), 3 x 600mm square mats(40mm thick) 4 x 600mm x 1.2m Mats (40mm thick), 2 x 1.2m square mats (40mm thick). 4 x storage sacks

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