Maple Reading Corner Set 3

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This Reading Corner Set includes a quality selection of play, reading and tray storage units. Every unit comes with connectors so they can be attached together. They are designed to be easily accessible, safe and to encourage independence. The sets have been carefully designed to create dedicated areas that enhance children’s learning, promote imaginative play and provide great storage solutions.

Reading Corner Set 3

  • 15mm Covered MDF – ISO 22196 certified antibacterial.
  • Includes 8 units to make your own reading space plus roleplay counter
  • 2 perspex display units, corner seating, archway, counter arch, 2 tray storage units and a corner shelf finisher.
  • Items connect with joining bolts supplied for extra stability.
  • Perfect for a classroom or nursery setting.
  • Supplied in flat pack form with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Reading Corner Dimensions: H 430 x W 1020 x D 420mm
Double Sided Unit Dimensions: H 442 x W 860 x D 360mm
Single Sided Unit Dimensions: H 620 x W 860 x D 360mm
Tray & Shelf Unit Dimensions: H 442 x W 860 x D 360mm (X2)
Corner Section Dimensions: H 442 x W 360 x D360mm
Archway Dimensions: H 1270 x W 749 x D 315mm
Counter Archway Dimensions: H 1210 x W 780 x D 110mm


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